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Ration card being an important document provided by the state government is very useful for consumers who wish to buy food grains and other commodities at a reasonable price and for other part of people to use it as a source of identification.  These consumers are divided in two categories that’s above poverty line(apl) having an income range of 10,000/- annually and below poverty line (bpl) having an income range less than 10,000/- annually.

The government has come out with new policies on ration card to work on the difference of both categories that’s above poverty line and below poverty line. The government provides the ration card status that’s ones family status on the ration card. This means the ration card status mentions the number of members present in your family, also provides their date of birth as a ration card status. As a ration card status the ration card has got the address of the person.

A ration card also has the issuing date and the ward number as the ration card status. Government has provided a lot of details online for the consumer as under check ration card status online. To check Ration card status online requires you to fill an online form for applying a ration card. Check Ration card status online also provides forms for other purposes like deletion /addition of name, surrender form etc. Other than this check Ration card status online also provides information on the circle rationing office near to ones area.

The ration card application status gives information to government for how many applications are pending. This ration card application status also gives an idea as the number of ration cards being issued to the people. A ration card application status also keeps the consumer informed as whether or when will be his card issued or is it still on hold. A ration card application status also mentions the prices of the commodities and their weight in which they are to be given to the applicant. A consumer can also get an update for his card if there are any mistakes committed by him while filling in the information as a ration card application status.

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