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Ration Card Cancellation And Correction Form

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Ration card being the need of below poverty line (bpl) category people for commodities and above poverty line(apl) category people as a source of identification is issued by the state government to the genuine people and they also have the right to cancel such ration card.

However  even if a consumer no more wants an existing ration card and want to apply for a new one under certain circumstances  then he can apply for the ration card cancellation form . This Ration card cancellation form is available at the rationing office nearest to the consumer area. At the rationing office the ration card can be canceled on the same day and the consumer is provided a cancellation certificate.

A holder of ration card also can get the correction done in the ration card for example spelling change in the name, change in the date of birth, misprint of the address, etc or any other mistake occurring in the card by filling in the correct information in the ration card correction form provided by the state govt to rectify such human errors. This ration card correction form is available at any of the circle rationing office. Once these corrections are made with the required enquiry and by providing proper documents then a new ration card is printed at a prescribed fee.

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