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Ration Card Application Form For Hyderabad And Banglore

Ration Card being such an important document is a requirement of Indian masses and to get a ration card application form for Hyderabad and ration card application form for Bangalore one has to take following measures.

Ration Card Application Form For Hyderabad :

  1. One has to visit to the nearest 9 circle rationing office between morning 10.00 am to evening 4.30 pm.
  2. Fill up the form
  3. Provide address proof or no objection certificate if tenant.
  4. Three attested passport size photo of the head of the family.
  5. A certificate saying you never had a ration card and requires one now.
  6. And lastly an income proof for the white or pink card.

Ration Card Application Form For Bangalore:

  1. One can apply for the ration card at any of the five circle FSO office.
  2. Get the form for free and computerized for 1 rupee.
  3. One can get green, yellow, saffron color and honorary cards depending on their income zone.
  4. And rest of the documentation is same as above.

These forms can be downloaded online http://india.gov.in/howdo/howdoi.php?service=7

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