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Apply for Ration Card in Haryana

Ration Card Application for Delhi -
Application for new cosumer -Form No. 1 -
Application for Kerosene Oil Card -

Required Documents with Application From-
1. 3 photographs(assport size) of head of family attested by any gazetted officer
2. Residencial proof-
In Case of Owner -
Registration Deed, Allotment Letter, House TAx Receipt, Power of Attorney, Electricity Bill, Water Bill etc.
In Case of Tenant -
No Objection Certificate of Land lord or any other relevent document
3. Old Ration Card, Surrender/Deletion certificate of the previous card.
4. Rs.25/- as Non refundable fee.

Addition/Deletion of Members in Ration Card -
Any other changes -
Surrender of Ration Card -
when you leave Delhi, you are required to surrender the Ration Card
Ration Card Application in Uttar Pradesh -
Ration Card Delhi FAQ's -

  • Application of new ration card can be done through Form D-1, which you can get from the offices of District Food and Supplies Controller, Assistant Food and Supplies Officer or Food and Supplies Inspector, based on the circle of jurisdiction where your new residence falls.
  • Complete the application form correctly and submit the same along with 2 recent passport-size photographs of you and your family (attested).
  • You, the applicant, must also submit an affidavit confirming that you and your family members do not hold ration cards in any other part of India at all, under your names. You must mention all details clearly in the application form about the complete residential addresses of your houses for the last 5 years. Along with the affidavit, you must give a self-signed undertaking that you are responsible for the authenticity of the information and that you can be held liable under relevant laws, if found guilty of furnishing wrong information.  This affidavit is available at Annexure II.
  • Once all documents are submitted properly, you will get a slip from the concerned office, containing details of the date when you need to come back to the office to collect your new ration card.
  • In the meanwhile, you will receive a visit from the Inspector or Sub Inspector, who will verify the details given by you in the form and also verify your residence and cross check the same with census information. Recommendation would then be given to the Food and Supplies office, who would then proceed to issue your new card, which will have one photo of you and your family on it.
  • You can visit the office of District of Food & Supplies Controller, Assistant Food & Supplies Officer or Food & Supplies Inspector (whichever place you submitted your form at originally) to collect your new ration card.


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