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Eligibility for Ration Card

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  • Person devoid of any ration cards need to get certificate from the Gram panchayat certifying that they need ration card since they do not possess one. The document is combined with the application form submitted for the issuance of the ration card.

  • Duplicate Ration Card: There are many instances when the card is lost due to various reasons which are not the fault of the card holders. In such cases authorities might issue the elusive duplicate card.

  • In case the person is transferred from one place to another, the ration card needs to be surrendered to the competent authorities and the new ones issued to the government servant within a stipulated time frame.

  • In case of marriage, the information would be changed in the ration card, therefore its needs to be surrendered to the block level officer so that new card could be issued within a given time frame without any hiccups. There are many cases in which it becomes complex with new changes in the data, therefore one should apply for the new ration card along with novel certificate.

  • In case of birth of a child: The child birth information is to be included in the ration card because it might lead to the increase of the food grains. A new application must be written along with the proof of the birth certificate of the child to get the desired results in an impeccable manner. Once the new ration card is introduced it would significantly increase the rationing of the food products.

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