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Ration Card

A ration card is the right of a permanent Indian citizen/ an old citizen of Andaman or Nicobar  provided by the Indian government to save some money and buy essential commodities at reasonable price . It is issued under the authority of state government, where the ration card details and ration card information is provided to the people at their nearest rationing center.

State Government issues Ration Card  to -

A) Above poverty line (APL) these cards are white in color

B) Below Poverty Line(BPL) these are blue in color

C) Antyodaya Families(AAY) /very poor families get a yellow color card

For distributing food grains, sugar and kerosene in a fixed quantity. Besides this state government also issues temporary ration cards for a fixed period to the people for relief purposes.

A ration card being an important document for an Indian resident works as a document of identification.  This document is very useful for every Indian citizen.

Ration Card Details :

  • A ration card details a lot of information about an Indian citizen and his family.
  • The address of the family mentioned on the ration card provides the ration card information of a person to work as an address proof to obtain a domicile certificate, passport, driving licenses etc.
  • A ration card details lot many things out of which age and date/ year of every member of the family is provide as the ration card information.

To Obtain a ration card one has to fill up some ration card information at the rationing office.

1) One needs to fill up a form provided to put up ration card details required.

2) Ones have to submit one address proof that could be telephone bill, electricity bill, bank pass book, etc.

3) Voter’s ID card and a revenue stamp of 2 rupees would also be required as per the ration card details requirement.

Ones the ration card information is filled it needs to be submitted. Take an acknowledgement and then a person from the rationing office would come to supervise your  residential area and further report for you to get a ration card within a month.

Surrender Certificate :

If a citizen already hold a card of another place and wants to apply for a new place he first needs to surrender his earlier certificate.

Deletion Certificate :

In case of bifurcation or dead, the name of the member has to be removed.

Addition Certificate :

In case of a child’s birth the name is to be added by producing a birth certificate

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